About me

Because exposing personal interests is what the internet's about.

What do you identify as?

A big fucking problem pansexual trans woman. Don't tell the government I can shapeshift.

What's your religious belief?

Atheistic egoism, we are our own gods and shouldn't waste our time believing in deities. I respect others beliefs however.

What's your opinion on government?

A liberalist direct democracy would be best, where the people decide laws themselves instead of deciding representatives for them. It has been shown representatives are ineffective and voting directly on laws should help cater to the needs of citizens better. In the meantime as I live in the UK, I associate mostly with the Liberal Democrats however I'm not for adopting the Euro and I think the monarchy should be abolished.

Why is all your software open source?

Anything I write myself shouldn't be kept to myself and I don't agree with hiding source code behind the shroud of proprietarism (security via obscurity) as it obviously doesn't work plus consumerism and wasting money on useless things doesn't really connect to me so if I write it myself and I hold the copyright, it's going open.

I don't agree with your opinions and I wanna complain!

Hit me an email, PGP it if you want. Don't expect a reply, if you're obviously ignorant and don't want to listen to facts or arguments then I'll stop talking to you, if that would upset you then go cry in a corner, because I don't give a shit for ignorant fucks anymore.

I wanna get into programming, what's your advice?

Don't try to memorise the actual functions and shit, it's ok to keep documentation open, just learn the general syntax and start small (don't start with a web server or an MMORPG). I recommend Ruby or Python as starting languages, Rust is good for serious work. JavaScript should never be used unless you're a soydev or working for a client who wants soydev material.

What's a soydev?

Anyone who bloats programs with unneeded stuff (i.e. a GUI), if you can split it off into a seperate program (i.e. a GUI wrapper for a CLI program) then do so. Using excessive JavaScript will make me not respect you as a developer.

What do you like nerding/geeking out about?

Anything that interests me really, computers, art, music, math, performing arts, business studies and typography.

Why a monospaced font?

My eyesight isn't all that good and the monospaced font helps my eyes. When I had a serif font on this site, I could see a slight glow around the letters that actually wasn't there and sans serif fonts seem to generic-y and too rigidly corporate for a personal site like mine so if it's a problem for you, use a terminal-based browser (lynx, links, elinks) or turn on reader mode in your browser (if your browser isn't ancient or just plain bad).

Why is there no images on your website?

Don't like them. Too flashy and in your face. Plus doesn't work on Gopher and Gemini.

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