Entries of 2021

The first year of the Journal, the year of the Metal Rat and Metal Ox, MMXXI, 1609459200 to 1640995199.

Contents of /journal/2021

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[17nov, f] Why I've closed Gopher

[14nov, f] Eating my own dogfood

[25oct, f] Dopamine rush is coded into us

[07oct, f] Phone OEMs and percieved obsolescene

[03oct, f] I refuse to use Android 12

[02oct, f] Intelligence is not quantifiable

[22sep, f] Mnemonic memory

[17sep, f] Relicensing the Journal

[16sep, f] Don't buy a laptop, ARM or otherwise

[15sep, f] Become more free with your Android

[14sep, f] Quick lunch meals for people with no time

[13sep, f] Poetry as a mental escape

[12sep, f] Coreutils or Bust

[11sep, f] Why sometimes it's better to be jack of all trades

[07sep, f] Proprietary Software: why it's bad, plain and simple

[05sep, f] Sharing geeky interests without actually talking

[24aug, f] You've got nothing to hide and everything to lose

[20aug, f] It's easy to disconnect without anything to connect to

[smallnet, f] My arguments for using the smallnet

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