03 Dec 2021

It's fairly well-known that I'm transgender. Because of the simply fact I feel like I look wrong.

A fairly big element that factors into this is my hands.

I find that personally, my hands are large and my fingers are fat which I associate with being masculine.

My palms feel rough to the touch but the back of my hands are relatively smooth apart from the veins which I also associate with masculinity.

It brings me great pain especially if I compare it with the hands of a cis female.

Trans people find the smallest things about themselves that will make them feel dysphoric and usually this feeling is constant and existential.

For me, it is my hands, my voice and my jawline. Others may focus on hair, others on body build.

There are a million little things that triggers people and I just want to let other people know about it through my experiences because many transphobes are ignorant due to not being able to see our perspective.

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