Sharing geeky interests without actually talking

05 Sep 2021

Version: 3.12 

GB/CS/IT/M/PA d-(?) s-: a? C++ L+++ E---- W++ N- o? K- O M V? PS+ 
PE++ Y++ PGP++ t+ R>+ tv+ b+ DI D+ G e* h++ x? r

I've been meaning to make an update to the last collection of my thoughts online in a while. I was gonna write about something philosophical like the human gameplay loop or the loss of autonomy but I found something more interesting.

It's called Geek Code. Looks like a PGP signature block but don't be confused, this encodes information about geeks and not about the text above it.

While it is a bit of fun (see a? and h++ on my geek code above) but they can actually be used to send information about interests even if it is a bit convoluted

I'll list a couple cool resources you can use to get a code block as you will or decode them too!

Decode Geek Code

Generate Geek Code

The Geek Code Document (v3.12 at the time of writing)

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