Why sometimes it's better to be jack of all trades

11 Sep 2021

So it comes a time that my brain thought of something, and since this blog is now something at the forefront of my mind, I am now focused on turning my thoughts into a short essay with preamble and all that jazz.

Now let's focus on today's topic, as an introductory, Jack of all trades is someone who can do everything (not perfectly, but good) and in this world of non-standard proprietary technology and designs and companies pushing Orwellian levels of control on our daily lives, it's a bad idea to specalise on specifically one thing.

Technologies and other tools fall out of use with time. Nobody writes programs in bare assembly anymore, instead opting for C, Rust and Swift amongst other things. Nobody uses Flash (RIP) to power their website's interactiveness anymore as it's been phased out almost two years ago in favour of JavaScript (also does anyone remember Silverlight?). Even if these older technologies made our childhood special, those who specalised in assembly or flash are now either out of jobs or stuck in an extremely niche market, however there is one way out of it.

Becoming a jack of all trades! Why not try automation using Python, Ruby or Ansible instead of always using bare shell scripts (keep in mind those will most likely never fall out of use), or Rust, C++ and Kotlin for games and applications instead of C and Java. Maybe learn to work on motorbikes if you are a petrolhead who loves screwing around with old classic cars. Maybe even learn how to build hardware if the only thing you ever built yourself was software!

Diversifying your skills and interests is actually fun and rewarding and a way to keep yourself competitive in evolving economies. Sure, you could stay a hairdresser forever but what if another global pandemic occured?

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