Coreutils or Bust

12 Sep 2021

I was on the #linux channel on and the topic of manpages came up and something interesting was mentioned by someone there.

GNU tools have badly documented manpages, and this is due to a weird policy1 where they treat manpages as second class citizens in favour of their own texinfo tool.

It says to not use a manpage unless it's being maintained by a volunteer, even though they provide a tool to do make manpages already (GNU info2man), yet they still neuter manpages2? It's quite stupid to provide a tool for this purpose and yet not use it.

Maybe pestering people to say GNU/Linux (or even GNU+Linux) isn't enough and they want everyone to use their tools. Still don't see that happeneing, just look at the Hurd.


[1] Man Pages (GNU Coding Standards), The GNU Project

[2] For proof, go onto any Linux machine with GNU utilities and type man wget into a terminal and go to the see also section.

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