Quick lunch meals for people with no time

14 Sep 2021

Retrospective, 12 Jun 2022

This blog post is extremely dumb, and is from before I realised I should treat this place like my personal diary of thoughts instead of yknow, commerical ad space or something.

Read on with caution my friends.

Oh look, another blog entry[1]! Next up on the Journal is, how to conserve time at lunchtime!

Lunch is a pretty vital meal as it's when the energy from breakfast is running out and you need something to give you that extra push for the rest of the day[2]

I'm gonna highlight some pretty nice lunch meals that are quick and easy to prepare especially on time constrainted people.

Tuna sandwich

Great classic sandwich, tastes nice but makes gives you dad breath

Lunchables and other "lunch, assembly required" type deals

Just chuck them in your lunchbox and leave, it's quite obvious how to put these together and actually make a lunch out of them. You can get pizza kits and cracker stuff amongst other things Boxes of snack foods (e.g. breadsticks, crackers, popcorn)

Easy way to get some variety and enjoyable food. Carry these with you and enjoy the infinite snacking potential[4]

Cereal bars

Stuff like Nature Valley and that cheap Tesco stuff (Ms. Molly's?), probably have some chocolate chunks in them to make your body go into hyper-fat-burning mode but pretty good for those who skip breakfast. Also other bars, like chocolate bars

Packets of crisps (American English: chips) or snack food

Some English family favourites include Wotsits, Cheese & Onion crisps, Doritos, French Fries amongst others Always nice to see a familliar bag of your favourite greasy bites


[1] Aiming for at least a week of blog, well on my way with number 4 here!

[2] Unless you snack during the day which in this case, you eat for the sake of eating

[3] Four-eyed cat man on YouTube.

[4] And high salt/fat content!

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