Don't buy a laptop, ARM or otherwise

16 Sep 2021

If you're reading this, you own some sort of device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or potentially an eReader

And if you're as gadget-crazed as I am, you keep on top of news and see people talking about gadgets and you definitely have heard of Apple's new M1 MacBooks

I even read a blog post by someone online which praised said MacBook and told the reader why you should buy it!

Well, I'm here to tell you to not buy a laptop[1] in the modern day, starting with the right to repair issues

Laptop manufacturers like Apple, Lenovo, Dell and HP refuse to provide spare parts and board schematics to repair shops, authorized or not, because they don't want their devices to be repairable.

Authorized "independent" repair shops just quote you the manufacturers price plus their fee because they send it to the manufacturer to fix, truly independent repair shops are cheaper than the manufacturer because they actually fix your laptop instead of giving you a new one with the data transferred over.

Also with the overpriced, underpowered hardware, especially with Intel laptops. My mum bought a brand new HP laptop from Curry's PC World a while back and I found out that it was not only slow out of the box but it was running an Intel Celeron processor! Just opening Edge pushes the CPU to 100%, even a ThinkPad can run Windows 10 with better performance!

Why are you shipping laptops that can't even run the software that is bundled with them? And to the intelligent simians out there saying "INSTALL LOONIX!!!!!11oneone", my mother would never understand how to use GNU/Linux because "waa waa, it's not Windows".

So normies are forced to use hardware they can't upgrade, repair or even use out of the box and can't use software that would make their computer actually fucking function as advertised because they're too domesticated?!

Computers were once in an age of innovation and growth then an age of cultural[2] creation and dominance and now we're in the domesticated shit feeder recession, the age of the power user is over, intelligence is going to fade away forever.


[1] that is ultra slim and unrepairable

[2] Remember the Internet pre-2015, how it was actually good?

Retrospective, 30 Jun 2022

Since I wrote this article, I was gifted a laptop. It's quite cool. The spinning drive failed however but I could easily replace it with a solid state drive. Maybe, get a laptop that has a service guide readily available!

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