It's easy to disconnect without anything to connect to

20 Aug 2021

About 2 weeks ago, I moved house. This was a great (and considering the situation, liberating) thing, however the one thing that I am aware I was addicted to that I was not gonna have access to was the Internet.

I was well aware of my muscle memory of checking and swiping, but being cut off from the Internet for 2 weeks actually made my life feel a lot better. I no longer had to worry about my friends and constantly having to check their content and I didn't have Big Brother peering in as much.

I realised as much as I loved to be inside the walled garden of social media even though I knew how terrible it was, privacy wise, I had finally had the chance to feel productive. During that 2 week period, I had time to settle in and relax. While it was quiet without Spotify, WhatsApp, Instagram and Discord making a symphony of pings at me, I coped.

So for those readers who want a nice way to detox, tell your friends you're unplugging for a week, and hide your hub somewhere for a week. It may make you feel a lot better!

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