Why you should blog.

23 Dec 2021

Hey, if you're reading this, you're interested in blogging or you just enjoy reading my blog. I'm gonna try and convince you to start running your own blog.

Blogging is quite enjoyable. You get to tell people about your opinions and interests in a form that like-minded people will enjoy. There's a social element. if you put mode of contact like an email address, you might have people who enjoy your blog want to converse with you or provide responses to your posts!

Don't focus on having monetisation or a specific post schedule. those things bog down the fun of pure blogging. The only blogs that can maintaint a constant schedule are ones run by big companies like BuzzFeed which pays people to do this sort of stuff.

Blogs are also (generally) cheap and easy to run. My blog is a static website generated by my static site generator, ewfm, and uses no images. Your blog could use small images and still fit in kilobytes of space.

You don't even have to pay lots of money. If you're fine with having a subdomain, neocities.org offers you 1GB of storage (plenty for a blog!) and 200GB of bandwidth (again, plenty for a blog!) with absolutely no ads on your site: win win!

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