Post-Christmas musings

26 Dec 2021

I'm not gonna wash you with the usual "Christmas is a time for giving" bullcrap. It's a time for stimulating the capitalist economy and being greedy.

I got a Sony Reader PRS-505, it's a neat little toy and I've been enjoying reading on it. It even uses SD cards for expandable storage so it's a nice upgrade over my old Kindle 4 (D0110) even though the Sony model is actually a couple years older. I didn't trust or need the internet features of the Kindle anyway plus I'm away from Amazon's ecosystem and using DRM-Free ePubs instead of Mobi files.

I've been feeling a weird sense of emptiness and desolation over the holidays. It may be "for spending time with family" but I don't really enjoy those related to me in company and in general. Plus I've not really been enjoying the celebrations; I've been called a Grinch partly as a joke but I do enjoy the music and carols just not the general holiday.

I hope you guys have been having a better time than I have and I hope you enjoy yourselves with the new year coming up. Now, I need to work on getting my sleep schedule better again!

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