Entires of 2021

The nurse said, "Do the COVID Shuffle". At this moment, an enormous amount of banging was heard by the floor below as the patients collapsed from exhaustion.

Contents of /journal/2021

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[26dec, f] Post-Christmas musings

[25dec, f] Getting Dwarf Fortress to run under Raspberry Pi OS

[23dec, f] Why you should blog.

[21dec, f] Re: (T)OTP codes should be the first factor.

[19dec, f] The passing of time and culture

[14dec, f] Perspective on the Amazon incident

[03dec, f] Hands.

[30nov, f] The blockchain bandwagon

[17nov, f] Why I've closed Gopher

[14nov, f] Eating my own dogfood

[25oct, f] Dopamine rush is coded into us

[07oct, f] Phone OEMs and percieved obsolescene

[03oct, f] I refuse to use Android 12

[02oct, f] Intelligence is not quantifiable

[22sep, f] Mnemonic memory

[17sep, f] Relicensing the Journal

[16sep, f] Don't buy a laptop, ARM or otherwise

[15sep, f] Become more free with your Android

[14sep, f] Quick lunch meals for people with no time

[13sep, f] Poetry as a mental escape

[12sep, f] Coreutils or Bust

[11sep, f] Why sometimes it's better to be jack of all trades

[07sep, f] Proprietary Software: why it's bad, plain and simple

[05sep, f] Sharing geeky interests without actually talking

[24aug, f] You've got nothing to hide and everything to lose

[20aug, f] It's easy to disconnect without anything to connect to

[smallnet, f] My arguments for using the smallnet

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