My arguments for using the smallnet

14 Aug 2021

The Web is bloated. Whether you use plain HTML or Bootstrap, the bloat isn't just content. Nginx and Apache are huge, they not only fill positions as web servers but also reverse proxies. HTML also has a large amount of formatting, which would take ages to explain in detail.

That's why Gemini amd Gopher are superior. The Gopher server I use, Motsognir, is feature-rich and compiles instantly. Agate, the Gemini server I use, is 2.4MB in size and takes up a miniscule footprint on my VPS compared to Apache.

Meanwhile, Apache has crashed multiple times because it ate up my VPS's memory and is a pain to configure. All for what? A fancy website? I present all my content on Gemini and Gopher and it's way easier to host. Gemini and Gopher are better because they use less resources for the same essential content. That's why we should host on the smallnet!

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