year = 2021 + 1

01 Jan 2022

So we made it. Every computer in the world has finally incremented its internal clock from the 31st December 2021 to the 1st January 2022.

What did we achieve in the last year? Oh right, absolutely nothing.

Celebrating the new year is quite arbitrary. Nothing special really happens on New Year's Day. Christmas has (some) religious ties left (that are being entirely forgotten about as we move into an atheistic world, not that I have a problem with that) and Halloween is the celebration of spook so everyone loves it.

The only reason we celebrate it on the 1st of January is because some guy named Gregory said so in 1582 when he made a new calendar because the one that Julius Caesar made was not good in terms of the solar calendar (at least he made a good salad).

What I'm saying is, forget the celebrations and enjoy the succeeding 364.24 something something days, make use of yourself or not. I'm not you so I can't prod you and say "be productive or something" buthey maybe you can.

Oh yeah and New Year's Resolutions? I'm sure you know they're worthless.

P.S. I can't spell calendar, I thought it was the 1st of January 2021 and I now have to update the copyright notice to say 2022. I have a Y2K21 bug in my system :/

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