Why do Intel Celerons still exist?

03 Apr 2022

My only machine at the moment is an HP laptop and its specs are absolutely horrendous.

It's good for making software and Linux gaming (up to a limit, Kerbal Space Program is just too much for the dinky Celeron N4000 to handle) but the dual-core Celeron N4000 with UHD Graphics just can't handle the simple task of playing Roblox through Wine.

I understand the restrictions due to it being under Wine so the CPU has to translate Windows calls to Linux calls but it is god awful. I can't get above 20 FPS. Now I can accept gameplay at 30 FPS (I am using and have always used 60 hertz displays and have no desires for using any displays with better refresh rates) but the choppiness of it kills it for me to be honest.

The N4000 can even handle virtualisation, and I'm only giving it one core, of Windows 7, BSD, Mac OS 9 (PPC virtual machine!) and Haiku as well as streaming 720p video (yeah, 1080p video is just too much for streaming on the N4000) but Roblox brings it to it's knees? I can even run Minecraft 1.18.2 at 30+ FPS with optimisation mods!

I still don't see why the Celeron line exists anymore considering they are underpowered and overpriced for the performance. I get why they are used but not why they still exist. Even worse, it's dual core which is too little for 2022.

I think all CPUs in the modern day should have 4 cores at the very least.

Also HP, your laptop hardware is terrible, why didn't you give me a Core i3?

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