Intentional Obselence

08 Mar 2022

There's no point purchasing newer devices if your old one works fine, right? Companies think not.

Devices are designed to kill themselves now, or just be extremely irreperable.

Repairs can be extremely expensive and it may be cheaper to buy a new device that's either more connected to the internet or more broken. Batteries are glued in, software is locked away.

What's the point of buying new devices when we are locked away from them by manufacturers? I want to be able to use my devices forever but with RAM soldered to the boards and microSD slots removed and headphone jacks removed, things are becoming more and more controlled.

Support right to repair legislation and buy more open hardware! You and others will benefit. Open hardware also has the benefit of you being able to develop for it! I really like the Squarofumi Watchy kit, an open source smartwatch kit that not only has open source software but also open source hardware!

Hack your devices, and root them! Get rid of the software locks and become free and most importantly frick the manufacturers!

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