Written blogs are superior to podcasts and vlogs

10 Aug 2022

One of my favourite things about blogs and the typed word is the extreme ease of correction. I frequently proofread articles for spelling issues from typing inaccuracies (they're bound to show up when you use GNU nano to write all your articles and you type at over 120 WPM) and quickly change them and reupload them.

That's not so easy with podcasts and vlogs; a simple mispronounciation may require you to re-record an entire sentence or segment and stitch it back in and potentially having to re-record the entire thing to make a simple correction.

You also can't easily add errata or addenda without having to re-upload the entire thing again which can change metadata and cause new notifications to be sent out, granted not everyone will even read/listen to/watch addenda to content if they've already experienced it.

The written word is also a lot harder to misinterpret as you don't have to deal with accents or misconstrued visuals. You just have the plain word; another advantage to this is also an easier time translating or localising media from one language to another.

This makes blogs superior to other forms of media like podcasts and vlogs in sharing opinions and idea in a word format.

(Video, however, can construe visual ideas that blogs cannot so there are some advantages to video)

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