Defensive about music

18 Nov 2022

Today, I got called racist for not liking a song (World Cup by IShowSpeed) and said I was disrespecting football culture.

Now the reason I didn't like this song wasn't because the artist just so happened to be Black, no no no, of course not. I didn't like the song because the lyrics are bad (the chorus is literally just him saying World Cup over and over again) and the music is just kinda trash (while I'm not a big fan of rap, I can appreciate when it sounds good).

On the disrespecting football culture bit, the song's been out for 2 weeks and basically only exists for TikTok memes in my opinion. I hadn't even heard of him until literally today so I don't think he really is a big part of football culture or anything other than being a FIFA pack opening streamer or something.

Also he's been banned from Twitch for being misogynistic and sexually harassing people.

While I don't have a problem with people liking music, getting all pissy over it when someone doesn't like it because you don't realise that people can have differing opinions to you is just stupid.

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