Game developers should think of Linux

19 Dec 2022

Recently, I've been faffing about with getting Quaver to work natively on Linux. It's a rhythm game and for some reason likes to have issues with connecting with its game servers, audio, syncing with beatmaps. Basically, a whole host of issues.

In fact, there were issues with even starting the game where I had to go into the settings for the app and enter in launch arguments to actually get it to start.

While I'm not impartial to configuring crap to get it to work, it's quite annoying when after literally trying every Linux native option, I either had to dive into the game's files to edit a config file to make the audio work or suffer with using the Proton layer and the Windows version.

While I get that the developers are probably using Windows as its a Mono game, I still feel that they should've at least tested the game against Linux before releasing it.

Releasing software builds for platforms you haven't tested it on is a bad idea primarily because you have no idea if it even works or not.

Users shouldn't have to be subjected to stuff like this especially when Linux users are growing by the day as people get fed up with Microsoft messing up Windows more and more even if like 95% of the market is still Windows. I can still remember using Linux when the market share was at 1%.

If you're going to go through the effort of actually releasing something, test it first please.

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