I write this blog that nobody reads

21 Sep 2022

I love this blog, it's something that I'm motivated and excited about even if I only write maybe one entry every month (almost an entire month since the last one haha).

I'm actually quite proud of my website really. I treat it like my house except it's open to everyone to visit as they please. I don't like houses that have a bad flow about them, so I make the structure simple and easy to click around and find new stuff. I don't like complicated, cluttered designs; so I make my website a simple, dark but "well-designed" webpage (I've certainly seen worse).

That's a reason why people should make websites. Not to have some kind of presence but to have that experience of building it and showing it off to people. I like surprising people with a link to my site and saying "I built the front facing stuff by myself! It looks beautiful!"

I think that's something at least.

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