My opinions on the difficulty shift in Pokemon games.

24 Jul 2022

The general opinion from hardcore Pokemon fans is generally that the games in the series get easier and easier.

I think that in many ways while this can be true, there can be difficult parts in the newer games. The Kalos elite four was generally an easy sweep apart from Diantha's Hawlucha while the Alola elite four was difficult. My Pokemon were fairly level matched on the Alola elite four but it was not easy. Hau, Olivia and Kukui had Pokemon that would, without a second thought, sweep my entire team (I had a Decidueye, Hariyama, Slowbro, Lunala, Toucannon and Lycanroc) even if I had super effective moves, the test battle for the UB missions post-game also thrashed my team the first time (mainly because my only fighting fit mons were Decidueye and Lycanroc).

Meanwhile, Crystal's elite four were immensely easy; at this point my Typhlosion was nearing level 70 so I near OHKO'd everybody's team. This was meant to be a harder game since it's Gen 2?

I think the blanket statement of "newer gens are easier" is bad, I think a better statement is that a lot of the newer gens are easier for most of the game.

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