Coldplay has become mediocre

24 Jun 2022

Recently, I've been relistening to albums from one of my favourite bands Coldplay and I had went through some of their earlier and later discography and noticed a stark difference between their earlier work and Mylo Xyloto (2011).

The first couple of Coldplay albums were deep, emotional pieces of music that gave feelings of melancholy yet maintaining an instilled sense of calmness. Good examples of this are The Scientist, Trouble and Fix You, all of which are tracks from albums made in or before 2005.

Modern Coldplay is mainly known for being more upbeat and happy. The problem with their songs now is they don't feel memorable. I think the only memorable track that Coldplay has made in recent memory is Adventure Of A Lifetime and that's only because hee hee hee haw, funny monke video.

The problem with really popular bands is they get comfortable in what they make and end up pushing out the same stuff every time they release which gets boring and unoriginal.

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