How to recognise Taiwan (and subvert China while doing it)

25 May 2022

My apologies to those reading from Mainland China but soon I will be wiped off your controlled internet and you may have the Chinese government knocking on your door.

To the rest of the world, welcome! Today, I'm proposing my theory on how we can get Taiwan recognised!

I remember a while ago watching a video by CGP Grey about a club of states that band together and recruit other states into an agreement that subverts the Electoral College. While this is all well and good, there's one specific thing I think is good in this situation which we can take away from the EC agreement.

The EC agreement was reliant on a certain amount of states being a member of the club before the agreement went into action so while they are slowly accummulating members, the members can choose to use their EC votes in the old way until the agreement clause is met and the agreement goes into effect.

This can apply to a hypothetical Taiwan recognition agreement whereby countries that don't recognise Taiwan for the drawbacks China will impose by putting up trade barriers, refusing to conduct diplomacy and potentially war will be able to continue feigning blissful awareness of Taiwan while secretly recruiting other governments that want to recognise Taiwan but not alone which could potentially bring harm into their economy and towards their people.

For example, if we take the amount of current UN members and half the amount (193/2 rounded is 96) and make that the required amount of UN members to agree to the Taiwan recognition agreement before they have to agree to it. This means that big players like the UK and the USA could agree to this and still get imported goods from China.

Then when the amount of members is met, they all simultaneously recognise Taiwan as the de jure government of its land, subverting China's global political swing as the primary exporter and factory of the planet by doing this under their noses.

I think this is a good way of going about doing this, however I am neither a lawyer nor a politican, I don't know how this would actually play out in the grand scheme of things or how you would even implement a conditional recognition agreement, especially under the nose of China.

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