The one gripe about my laptop keyboard

27 Nov 2022

Laptop keyboards suck major cow rear end, however sometimes you're just gonna be stuck with them considering that you're on the move a lot or you can't get a desktop or you don't have an external keyboard on you.

And my laptop keyboard is pretty alright, I'm a touch type and I'm fairly used to where everything is. (When I use a new keyboard, I have to type on it for a while to "calibrate" to it.)

But there is one singular thing about this keyboard that is completely screwed up and isn't compatible with my muscle memory nor can I calibrate for it.

The Caps Lock key.

I'm one of these weird people who use Caps Lock to capitalise one letter instead of using Shift. I don't know why I do that but it serves me well because my muscle memory is just so used to double tapping the Caps Lock key when I'm typing capitals that it isn't much of a problem.

In fact, I think that my pinkie finger on my left hand for the most part is only used for a couple of keys like A, S and of course Caps Lock. I don't know even if my pinkie finger on my right hand gets any use in my typing but that's muscle memory for you, you aren't aware of it and you just develop it by doing something over and over again.

But back from my finger spiel, the problem with the Caps Lock key, you might ask? When it is off and you depress it, it activates. Cool cool. When it is on and you depress it, it stays on, it only turns off when you release the key.

This is bad. It's unbalanced. My muscle memory is coded for every keyboard to do the same thing when the Caps Lock key is depressed: for it to toggle. I've even made typos around capital letters where the Caps Lock key stays on for too long and the next letter ends up being capitalised by mistake.

Now don't get me wrong, this would never make me hate grapes the under powered but mighty purple laptop that tries its hardest to play games and does a bloody well good job of it (Celeron N4000 and 4GB of RAM as well!), I love my purple laptop, it may be weak, spec wise, but the colour makes me happy and the keyboard (apart from the Caps Lock key) makes perfect sense and was executed pretty well, even has a Numpad! I can count on one finger how many keyboards I've had in the past 5 years had a Numpad apart from this one, one!

But that Caps Lock key is a pain in my ass especially considering it's way too late to switch my muscle memory to Shift because I don't wanna cut my WPM in half just to accommodate a problem that is only on my laptop but not on most other computers I use.

But hey, at least I still have that mechanical keyboard from my old rig, huh.

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