Communities are isolating and homogenous.

31 Jan 2022

With the rise of global communications via the Internet, we all thought we were all convinced that the world was going to become a safe connected space where all those with uniqueness could share their uniqueness freely.

And it was like that back in the era of classic MySpace and everyone owning their own websites and webrings. Everyone would run their own little corner of the 'net that they shared around with other people on the 'net and the little corners had corridors between each other that became an interconnected web of little corners of expression and you'd bookmark the ones you had enjoyed and went back to see new things.

But then the rise of social media took the fun out of the internet. It used algorithms to keep like-minded people with like-minded people. Computationally, seperating the world into different groups that nigh see each other. They're either in a big chain of family and friends, or in like-minded communities where they only talk about the same small common interest.

Everyone is the same because they always follow the same subreddits, facebook pages, twitter accounts. The world is becoming more and more boring day-by-day, more stress-inducing and anxious and lonely.

I wish for a time where a resurgence of the golden age of the internet comes back, where we can all enjoy home-grown blogs and content that is free from ads and trackers and can be used to introduce people to new interests and help to foster creativity and ideas as people overlap interests and use them to push other interests which would help to give a more human sense to those on the internet again.

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