Objection to hatred of programming languages

31 May 2022

There are an obscene amount of programming languages available that all fulfill some niche purpose like violently beating the programmer until their code is memory safe or being the primary vector for cross-site scripting and tracking; and of course with so many programming languages comes with a lot of haters.

As with everything that exists, not everyone likes the everything that exists. The questionable hivemind that is 4chan doesn't like Rust because of the disproportionate amount of LGBTQ+ people within the Rust community; snobs like me don't like Node.js because we believe JavaScript should remain in browsers; everyone and their dog hates PHP. There is probably an inexhaustive list somewhere of why people hate other people's tool of choice.

While some criticism can be valid (like my comment about Node.js since JavaScript was designed primarily as a client-side language), others can be stupid or not even relevant to the language at hand (like /g/ hating Rust because of the LGBTQ+ people in the Rust community).

I believe incessantly critcising other people's tools of choice for no reason is a bad thing to do as it discourages people getting into programming from choosing a tool which might actually work with them better than something like reading the K&R book to learn C; and even if we have our criticisms, we shouldn't actively try to tell people they're idiotic because of it or trying to shoehorn it into conversations (if someone just mentions Node.js, I don't say "ew i hate node it's a pile of poo"; I only bring it up if people are talking about why they don't like specific programming languages).

I got my start in programming with Python and I don't really like it that much now and I greatly prefer Rust's workflow, however I still consider those who use Python as real developers.

To young developers who are just getting into the fun world of making computers do your bidding, choose the tools you want to and ride that puppy 'till the end of the bloody road.

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