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"I herd u liek C++, so I put C++ in yer C++" - the guy who made Rust or something

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[.., d] go back

[19dec, f] Game developers should think of Linux

[27nov, f] The one gripe about my laptop keyboard

[18nov, f] Defensive about music

[27oct, f] Bandcamp is pissing me off

[26oct, f] Free software isn't always better!

[25oct, f] VLC for Android sucks

[27sep, f] Chronic programmer brain: what Lua feels like to a Rust scrub

[21sep, f] I write this blog that nobody reads

[26aug, f] Happy (late) birthday to Dark Design!

[25aug, f] The death of the song

[10aug, f] Written blogs are superior to podcasts and vlogs

[24jul, f] My opinions on the difficulty shift in Pokemon games.

[24jun, f] Coldplay has become mediocre

[12jun, f] Stigmas around accidental misgendering and deadnaming

[07jun, f] Harder Drives: Storing data on Tic Tac Toe

[31may, f] Objection to hatred of programming languages

[29may, f] Re: 2FA is a Big Tech Scam!

[25may, f] How to recognise Taiwan (and subvert China while doing it)

[19may, f] kidle-inject

[17may, f] Gapless Playback

[13may, f] F-Droid actively against Web3

[13apr, f] New Discord bots are DOA.

[03apr, f] Why do Intel Celerons still exist?

[17mar, f] Keybase: don't.

[08mar, f] Intentional Obselence

[27feb, f] User-hostile changes in Discord.

[11feb, f] Interesting.

[01feb, f] Be kind!

[31jan, f] Communities are isolating and homogenous.

[24jan, f] Vaccine mandates are dumb.

[15jan, f] Music with aplay

[01jan, f] year = 2021 + 1

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