On people debating which OS is the best

04 Aug 2023

A frequent argument seen amongst people in technology chats all across the internet is "What is the best OS?". This frequently devolves into what can't really be better described than a pissing match between Windows users and Linux evangelists who are both dunking on each OS. I recently got involved in one of these debates myself.

I personally think Linux distros are more stable and more useful than Windows. This is an opinion I have formed over years of using both Linux and Windows on the desktop and seeing Windows crash and burn more often than Linux as well as Linux being more suited to my workflow, e.g. installing Rust is a lot easier and faster on Linux because the software for compiling software are much smaller than MSVC as well as the fact that the shell on Linux systems is much easier to use than cmd.exe or PowerShell.

These are opinions however.

The best operating system is the one you feel most comfortable using. Before, for me, that was Windows XP, then 7, then 10 but eventually I decided to change my workflow and move to Linux and eventually I settled on Arch Linux (although it has broken for me recently and I'm now on Void). Arch Linux is the best OS for me because it's the one I'm most comfortable with.

Whatever OS choice you have, just know that it is perfectly valid, and even if theoretically better options are out there, don't feel forced to switch.

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