Being content with what you have

27 Oct 2023

I've come to the realisation that I'm happy with everything I have. I don't feel that I need more stuff anymore.

Modern society is incredibly coded towards consumerism and buying more instead of enjoying what you have and that's reflected not only in our relationship with products but also the quality of said products. For example, in recent years, the repairability of products has generally decreased especially in technology sectors as companies focus on increasing profits instead of user satisfaction and user experience.

I think the main reason I'm content with what I have is that there really isn't any reason to switch out what I have for something newer. The lack of innovation over the past five years or so in many technological spaces have really made the reasons to upgrade pretty slim. I think another reason is that I don't really care about the social implications of still using older devices or things, I've never really been one to care about how inflated the number on my phone's model is. Maybe I just got fed up of that initial dopamine hit of getting a new thing and then it immediately going on the shelf. I'm not sure.

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