Hello, is this thing on?

7 Jul 2023

It's that time of year where I post blogs. COLEAN.CC has been dead air for the last 6 months because of a gap in the ability for me to pay to upkeep the VPS. I am now at the point where I can not only pay for the VPS but had enough free time and free will to actually go and set everything back up.

Currently, my email doesn't work and gemini is also not up yet but gitea is back up and so are some subdomains as well as COLEAN.CC itself. Now that git is back i can finally be motivated enough to work on my programming projects again as well as this website.

Look forward to me hitting the ground running bringing email and gemini back up. I've decided to write my own gemini server for COLEAN.CC to make it more easier for me to use as for me to also have some fun using rustls and stuff so I hope y'all enjoy this or something idk hehe

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