HP Z600 Workstation


CPU: 2x Intel Xeon X5560, 8C/16T total

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 470

Memory: 16GB

Screen: 1920x1080 HP, not integrated

Storage: 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 500GB Hitachi HDD (failed)

Operating System: Arch Linux

Obtained: 2018

Lost possession of: 2022


Battlestation was a HP Z600 Workstation enterprise surplus computer turned gaming computer. It was the first computer I used Arch Linux on and the last computer I daily drove Windows on, some time in 2020, I decided to switch from my Windows partition to my Mint partition I had at the time before completely reinstalling Arch over the entire system after seeing some videos about it. It is my most powerful computer in recent memory.

The power supply was faulty and killed two GPUs, the RX 470 and a GTX 660. I lost the keys as well and had to destroy the case to get the SSD out to put into grapes after its HDD died. The parts have since been binned.

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